Adventure Further With New Mazda Safety Technology

July 21, 2020

Paradise Mazda Explain How Your New Mazda Can Keep You Safe On Adelaide Roads.

If there is one thing Adelaide is well-known for, it’s our scenic drives. Although New Mazda Vehicles are not specially built for us Adelaidians, it sure does pay off to drive a vehicle that’s built to keep you and your loved ones safe on the longest of road trips. We all can agree new Mazda’s are beautiful to admire from the outside, however it is the endless interior features that set our vehicles apart.

Every New Mazda and Demo Mazda in our showroom is underpinned by a comprehensive array of safety features that we call i-Activesense technology, most of which are connected with the vehicles Active Driving Display; a small, clear screen that sits just above the steering wheel and displays key driving information in the driver’s line of sight. This feature is designed to keep your eyes on the road ahead without needing to glance away, ensuring every drive is the safest experience possible. Active Driving Display can report your driving speed, cruise control settings and navigation instructions, as well as warning indicators from the i-Activesense safety suite. All display information can be customised to the driver’s preference.

Active Driving Display is available across all models but on selected variants, so when you’re searching for your new Mazda, be sure to Ask Our Team for a demonstration on how your preferred model’s i-Activesense features work.

There are nine smart technologies in the i-Activesense library, all built to advance your protection and support every time you step into your Mazda. The team here at Paradise Mazda have chosen our favourite five to break down for you in this article.

Traffic Sign Recognition

Mazda’s Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) uses a forward-sensing camera mounted at the top of the windscreen to detect speed limits, Stop and No Entry signs, ensuring you do not miss any signals that you pass. Like having your parent next to you in the passenger seat reading every traffic sign, but instead of their voice in your ear, the road signs are presented on the vehicle’s Active Driving Display. TSR allows Mazda drivers to focus on the road ahead and always be aware of their surroundings for a completely connected ride.


Driver Attention Alert

There is only one thing better than exploring South Australia’s picture-perfect coastlines, rolling country sides and breath-taking wineries, and that’s exploring these areas in your very own new Mazda. But when embarking on longer distance journeys, the South Australian government recommends drivers rest for 15 minutes every two hours to keep yourself, your road-trip mates, and fellow drivers safe. While you are focusing on the road, Mazda’s Driver Attention Alert (DAA) will remind you to take a break when the system detects signs of fatigue. Very smart, right? Your vehicle can monitor your attentiveness through sensor inputs when driving above 65km per hour for rides longer than 20 minutes. If abnormal behavior is detected or more than two hours have passed since your last stop, the system will suggest a break to rest and rejuvenate. Now, we encourage you to plan that road trip!


Mazda Radar Cruise Control

Have you ever been driving on a highway or high-speed road and the vehicle in front of you breaks unexpectedly? It’s a common occurrence that can cause serious damage when drivers don’t act in time. Lucky for Mazda’s Radar Cruise Control (MRCC) with Stop and Go Function, such accidents can be avoided when your Mazda is always alert and distancing from the vehicle ahead. A hidden radar sensor at the front of the car maintains a safe following distance that can be controlled on the driver’s steering wheel and adjusts the speed of your Mazda when approaching a slower vehicle. When traffic takes off again, the vehicle ahead moves out of the way or when you change lanes, Mazda’s Radar Cruise Control returns your car to the original set speed.


Parking Assist Features

Never again will you have sweaty palms when faced with a tough parking challenge. Mazda have generously designed two technologies in the i-Activesense safety suite to assist in both pulling in and out of car parks. Mazda’s Smart City Brake Support Reverse (SCBS-R) gives you eyes in the back of your head to ensure you do not hit the vehicle behind you as you navigate into the parking space, and automatically breaks if there is a high risk of collision. When it is time to take off again, Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) warns you when other vehicles are approaching from the sides so you can safely reverse out onto the road when the coast is clear.


With the goal to create safe and accident-free roads, Mazda’s research and development of best-in-class safety technologies is to thank for the comprehensive suite of i-Activesense safety features. The friendly team here at Paradise Mazda want to ensure your safety comes first, so visit our Paradise dealership during opening hours or Contact Us today to find out more information and the applicable model grades.